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lolapandi's Journal

Hullo! My name's Aleesa and I can pretty much get along with anybody <3 I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and making new friends so absolutely do /not/ hesitate to message or friend me =) I won't be using my journal, I just like to join communities and talk to people. Some things about me? Ummm
My favorite place to be is on stage.
My second favorite place to be is at a con <3
I'm super touchy-feely and affectionate. I compliment people a lot and maybe that is awkward after a while >.>
Going along with that, I tend to like /every one/ very soon after meeting them and I'm not afraid to let it show =)
I always watch anime till the last couple episodes and then someone has to force me to finish them even if I absolutely loved it. Idek.
I'm very confident in myself but I worry I come off as arrogant sometimes orz I try not to!
Everytime I see 'orz' I always pronouce it outloud.
Purple is the best color. Pink's a close second.
I only own 4 pairs of shoes. Sneakers, flats, character shoes, and a pair of heels (these are my favorite).
I know nothing of fashion but I love dressing up every so often
I have way too many irl BFFs. Like, 12. But I honestly love them all soooo much <3
I've been on LJ for years and I'm totes still a newb.
Yes, I do say 'totes' irl. I know, it's pretty embarrassing.
I like it when my opinions on trivial matters disagree with someone else's. Diversity in people is awesome.
I have a dog named Chloe =3


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